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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Particular Prepsotions

This list is from Comprehensive Grammar: World Talk--Dancing With English by
Dennis Le Boeuf and Liming Jing. See their list for more details and examples.

afraid of
angry with a person for doing something
angry at or about something
apologize to somebody for something
apply for a position
argue about something
arrive at or in
bad at
because of
compare to (two unlike things)
compare with (two like things)
congratulate/congratulations on something
convenient for (suitable)
convenient to (near at hand)
depend/dependent on
different from/than (From is preferred; than is acceptable in informal English)
disappointed with somebody
disappointed with/at/about something
discuss something (no preposition)
discussion about
divide into
dream of (think of, imagine)
dream about/of (while asleep)
dressed in
drive into
enter a place (no preposition)
enter into an agreement, a dialog, a discussion, etc.
example of
explain something to somebody
get in/into (or get out of) a car, taxi, or small boat
get on/onto (or get off) a train, plane, bus, ship, bike
good at
impressed with/by
increase in activity, output, etc.
independent/independence from (freedom from control by another country or organization)
independent of (able to make decisions and live your life free from the control or influence of
other people)
insist on
instead of + noun/adverb/adjective (in place of)
interest/interested in
kind to
lack of
lack (v.) (no preposition)
be lacking in
laugh at
laugh about
listen to
look at (point one's eyes at)
look after (=take care of)
look for (=try to find)
marriage to; get/be married to
marry somebody (no preposition)
nice to
operate on a patient
pleased with somebody
pleased with/about something
polite to
prevent . . . from + -ing form
proof of
reason for
remind someone of
remind someone about
responsible for (doing) something
responsible to somebody (= answerable)
rude to
search (no preposition) (= look through; look everywhere in/on)
search for (= look for)
shocked at/by
shout at (aggressive)
shout to (= call to)
smile at
sorry about something that has happened
sorry about/for something that one has done
sorry for a person
speak to/with (talk to someone about something)
suffer from
surprised at/by
take part in
(be) thinking of (You have a plan, but you're not sure about it; you are thinking of doing it)
(be) thinking about (If you are thinking about something, it is happening in your mind at this
[Think of and Think about are phrasal verbs]
the thought of
throw . . . at (aggressive)
throw . . . to (in a game, etc.)
translate into
typical of
wait for somebody/something
wrong with

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