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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Mormons

Since we encounter so many Mormons in Taiwan, here is a little information about them. The following excerpt is taken from the book Voyages to Utopia: From Monastery to Commune - The Search for the Perfect Society in Modern Times, by William McCord, in the section entitled "A Sucess Story: The Mormons"

The Mormons have emerged as the fastest-growing and, on a per capita basis, the richest of the religiously inspired utopian movements during the last 150 years. Joseph Smith . . . founded the Mormons in the religious turmoil of western New York State in the 1820's.

Smith testified that he had been visited by God, Jesus Christ, and the angel Moroni. The angel revealed a set of golden plates to him and gave him the instruments for translating them from unknown ancient languages; the translation constituted the Book of Mormon. Although Moroni retrieved the golden plates, eleven witnesses swore that they had seen them.

The church encourages absolute obedience to its divinely inspired hierarchy, strong group identification, constant involvement of members in church activities, tithing, intense missionary activity, education of church adherents within the strict boundaries set by dogma, and the active participation of all in building a utopia on earth.

The Mormon movement, with an ethic that encourages economic success, has never lacked revenues. By the twentieth century, some claimed that Mormons had more millionaires in their ranks than any other religion. The policy of obligatory tithing . . . has provided a solid financial base for the church, which in addition has acquired real estate and businesses, factories and farms.
The Mormon Church is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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