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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Science Related Vocabulary

Below are a list of science related words. Many of them can be used to describe the quality of evidence. The first five entries are linked to the British National Corpus, giving 50 (or fewer) random samples of sentences using the word. At the beginning of each sentence there is a link to the source of the sentence as well. Although it focuses on British English, I still think it is useful for students more interested in American English. I haven't found a similar site for American English. If anyone knows of one, please e-mail me the link.

For example, a search for flimsy evidence will return only 12 sentences. One of them is:

G15 363
`;They can't go around alarming people on the basis of flimsy evidence.'
In this case you will see that the source is a mystery called A midsummer killing.

I think this is a fun way to see how words are used in real world. Please note that about 10% of the sentences are taken from oral sources.

conclusive 決定性的;確實的;最終的
convincing 有論據證實的
doubtless 毫無疑問
empirical 以經驗(或觀察)為依據的
implausible 難以置信的
impossible 不可能的
improbable 不大可能
inconclusive 無疑的
incontrovertible 無疑的
logical 合邏輯的;合理的
plausible 貌似可信的;花言巧語的
probable 可能
questionable 不確定的
reasonable 合理的
theoretical 理論
unconvincing 不令人信服的
unlikely 不太可能的
unscientific 不科學的

absolutely 絕對地, 完全地, 正是如此
apparently 顯然地
certainly 確定地
clearly 清楚地
doubtless 毫無疑問
presumably 推測上, 大概, 假定上
probably 大概
undoubtedly 毫無疑問地;肯定地

evidence 證據
experiment 實驗
hypothesis 假設
methodology 方法學, 方法論
odds 機會,可能性
probability 概率
proof 證據;物證
theory 理論

burden of proof 【律】提供證據之責任
circumstantial evidence 旁證;間接證據
deductive method 演繹法
find out 找出;發現;查明
flimsy evidence 站不住腳的證據
physical evidence 實物證據
scientific method 科學的方法
solid evidence 確鑿的證據
without a doubt 無疑地

determine 確定
examine 審核;檢查;診察

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