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Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidential Rankings by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel FROM History News Network

NO ARTICLE! Just a list.
"I have the idiosyncratic belief that presidents merit high marks for keeping the country out of war rather than dragging it into one. Overall my rankings are based on explicitly libertarian criteria. Those who rolled or held back government intervention get points, those who increased government power lose them." by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel
Most Horrible U.S. Presidents (starting at worst):
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Woodrow Wilson
3. Harry Truman
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt
5. Lyndon Johnson
6. George W. Bush
7. Theodore Roosevelt
8. George H. W. Bush
9. Herbert Hoover
10. John Adams
11. William McKinley
12. James Madison
13. James Knox Polk
14. John F. Kennedy
15. George Washington
16. Millard Fillmore
17. John Quincy Adams
18. William Howard Taft
19. John Tyler
20. Jimmy Carter
21. Franklin Pierce

Least Bad U.S. Presidents (starting at best):
1. Martin Van Buren
2. Grover Cleveland
3. Calvin Coolidge
4. Warren G. Harding
5. Thomas Jefferson
6. Andrew Jackson
7. Gerald Ford
8. James Monroe
9. Zachary Taylor
10. James Garfield
11. Ronald Reagan
12. Dwight D. Eisenhower
13. Andrew Johnson
14. William Jefferson Clinton
15. Richard Nixon
16. Rutherford B. Hayes
17. Chester Arthur
18. Benjamin Harrison
19. Ulysses Grant
20. James Buchanan
 What are your criteria for ranking presidents?

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