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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Hundred-Year Marathon China's Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower Book by: Michael Pillsbury Reviewed by: Shoshana Bryen FROM The Jewish Policy Center

"In Korea today, the Jewish Talmud is a best seller. Parents send their children to Talmud classes and businessmen read it at work. Why? Because the Koreans believe that hidden in the Talmud is the secret to long-term Jewish success – not in the nasty, European, anti-Semitic sense that “Jews rule the world,” but in the Asian historical sense that Jews are an ancient people with values and a family structure similar to their own and the success which they want to emulate. . . . But the Koreans are missing something. It isn’t the book that carries the “secrets of the Jews”, but rather the method of teaching and learning—endless questioning and arguing; endless variations on the theme (if you haven’t studied 40 interpretations of each verse of the Bible, you aren’t there yet); the ability—no, the absolute requirement—that students challenge teachers and teachers respond to those challenges. It is accepting the risk of being wrong in front of one’s teachers and peers . . . ."

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