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Thursday, June 21, 2007


America, The USA American an American English Dollar
Argentina Argentinian an Argentinian Spanish Peso
Austria Austrian an Austrian German Euro
Australia Australian an Australian English Australian Dollar
Belgium Belgian a Belgian Dutch, French, German Euro
Brazil Brazilian a Brazilian Portuguese Real
Britain, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland British a Briton, Britisher English British Pound (Pound Sterling)
Cambodia Cambodian a Cambodian Khmer Riel
Chile Chilean a Chilean Spanish Chilean Peso
China Chinese a Chinese Chinese; also Mandarin or Cantonese Yuan
the Czech Republic Czech a Czech Czech Koruna
Denmark Danish a Dane Danish Danish Krone
England English an Englishman, English-woman English British Pound
Finland Finnish a Finn Finnish, Swedish Euro
France French a Frenchman, French-woman French Euro
Germany German a German German Euro
Greece Greek a Greek Greek Euro
The Netherlands (Holland) Dutch a Dutchman, Dutch-woman Dutch Euro
Hungary Hungarian a Hungarian Hungarian Forint
Iceland Icelandic an Icelander Icelandic Icelandic Krona
India Indian an Indian Hindi, English plus 21 other official languages Rupee
Indonesia Indonesian an Indonesian Indonesian Rupiah
Iran Iranian an Iranian Persian (Farsi) Iranian Rial
Iraq Iraqi an Iraqi Arabic, Kurdish Dinar
Ireland Irish an Irishman, Irish-woman Irish, English Euro
Israel Israeli an Israeli Hebrew, Arabic Shekel
Italy Italian an Italian Italian Euro
Japan Japanese a Japanese Japanese Yen
Korea (South Korea) Korean a Korean Korean Won
Luxembourg or Luxemburg Luxembourg Luxembourger(s) Luxembourgish, German, French Euro
Mexico Mexican a Mexican Spanish Mexian Peso
Norway Norwegian a Norwegian Norwegian Krone
the Philippines Philippine a Filipino Filipino, English Philippine Peso
Poland Polish a Pole Polish Zloty
Portugal Portuguese a Portuguese Portuguese Euro
Russia Russian a Russian Russian Rouble
Saudi Arabia Saudi, Saudi Arabian a Saudi, a Saudi Arabian Arabic Saudi Arabian Rial
Scotland Scottish a Scot English, Gaelic, Scottish (Scots) British Pound (Pound Sterling)
Spain Spanish a Spaniard Spanish Euro
Sweden Swedish a Swede Swedish Swedish Krona
Switzerland Swiss a Swiss German, French, Italian, Romansh Swiss Franc
Thailand Thai a Thai Thai Baht
Turkey Turkish a Turk Turkish Lira
Vietnam Vietnamese a Vietnamese Vietnamese Dong

*Only the official or primary languages are listed.
+The adjective preceding the currency name is only used if needed for clarification.

Sources: To Learn English, Yahoo Currency Converter

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