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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some Suggestions for Speaking on the Phone

SOURCE: University of Florida, IFAS Extension

[Also] pay attention to your vocal quality , consisting of rate, pitch, volume, clarity, and tone . Is your voice rate too fast or too slow? The average speech rate is 140 words per minute. Fast talkers come across as untrustworthy or too busy to talk. Callers may think of slow talkers as mentally slow. Pitch is the highness or lowness of your voice. High-pitched talkers tend to grate on people's nerves, while low-pitched talkers sound mechanical, almost robotic. Volume is how loud or soft you talk. Loud people are perceived as brash, overbearing; soft speakers are seen as shy, wimpy. Clarity takes in how your words are understood. Do you articulate your words, or do you slur them together? A problem in the South is dropping end consonants ("droppin'" for "dropping") or mispronouncing some words ("git" for "get"). Lastly, tone is the expressiveness in your voice. It makes up 38 percent of the communication message, so make it count. Be expressive.

vocal quality: 聲音的品質
rate: 率
pitch: 高/低音
volume: 音量
clarity: 清晰
tone: 音調

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