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Friday, November 30, 2007

Kids LOL @ Navy recruiters In These Timesby Aaron Sarver

FROM Kids LOL @ Navy recruiters In These Times by Aaron Sarver

"Teenagers, be warned: Military recruiters have armed themselves with 'Wat up, dude?' and 'nmu' in their effort to lure you to Iraq. (For those who lack daily interaction with teens, 'nmu' means 'Not much.You?') As headlines reveal that the military is lowering standards to meet its recruiting goals, the Pentagon is trying new techniques to connect with Millennials -- those born between 1980 and 2000, formerly known as Generation Y." (11/23/07)

The same article cites a report that says children have the following characteristics:
  • Many of their experiences have been secondhand.
  • A sizable part of their life has been spent in a virtual world rather than in the real world.
  • The television/computer screen has always acted as a ‘screen’ that has kept them away from many direct real world interactions.
  • Their ‘B.S.’ barometer is very high.
  • Status and authority will not impress them, bureaucracy and red tape will frustrate them and a patronizing attitude will drive them crazy.
  • Perhaps they’ll even expect their parents to “rescue” them.
  • They are used to instant gratification and praise.

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