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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 Gongguan Writing Contest Winner

The Second Annual Gongguan Writing Contest winner is Maria Chen.
I thank all the participants and really appreciate the three judges, Eva Anda, Clarence Gardner, and Jonathan C. Mossey, for taking time out of their busy schedules to pick the winner.

Here is Maria's essay:

How does home education influence the society

News about teenage crimes have appeared on TV more and more frequently in recent years, which is thought to be a result of the incomplete home education since many of the troubled teenagers are from broken families or were raised by grandparents. On the other hand, Ms. Wang, the chairperson of Forte, said that she owed her father, the founder of Formosa Plastics Group, a lot for bringing her up in a strict manner, which made what she is today. Seeing these two, I couldn't help but ponder over the influences home education has on a person, or more precisely on the society. In my opinion, home education influences the society in two major ways, character building and skill developing.

  First of all, home education plays an important role in building up a healthy character of a person, making the society safer and more stable. It is said that like father like son, yet children learn extremely quickly from parents. Good attitudes toward life, proper living manners and, most importantly, ideas about ethics are then directly passed down. Once parents are disappeared in the role of guiding the growing children and are somewhat replaced by spoiling grandparents, the problem of teenage crimes would no doubt arise. Take Ivanka Trump for example. Instead of being getting lost in luxury, she is now not only a reliable helper to her father, Donald Trump, but also an asset to the Trump organization. It is therefore conceivable that a society with more people having good character would be safer and more stable.

  Secondly, home education helps children develop certain skills when they were brought up, making them to be potential assets to the society. For instance, Richard Phillips Feynman was surrounded by stories of nature phenomena in his childhood. What's more, he was greatly encouraged to figure out his problems via experiments on his own. As for Lin Taiyi, the daughter of Lin Yutang, was cultivated great knowledge of Chinese literature when she was young so that she was capable of teaching Chinese in Yale at an early age. Although home education can't offer professional trainings, it indeed help children open up the doors of certain interests, in which they might excel in the coming future.

   In conclusion, home education is so important that every one of us can't neglect. If every parents pay careful attention to the children and timely reach out for them, I believe, a brighter future of human society is awaiting us. In other words, the more complete the home education, the better the world.

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